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Carnival travels delight Shining Ocean Family
From:shiningoceanRelease time:2020-07-30 10:00:59

Climb up to the peak while flowers blooming in dawn light, reach out hands to touch clouds on the horizon.

In the sunset while the smoke curling downwards, watch flocks of birds returning nests.

Thanks for your accompany all the way

April is the best season for Shining Ocean travels

Excursion to Panyu

Long trip to Hainan

Bali Island journey for elite staffs

Foshan Branch, Gudou hot spring tour

Xiamen Branch, jaunt to Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou

With a grateful heart, why not embrace life with more pay, tolerance, care and less complaint, fuss, hatred? Gratitude is authentic reflection of deep soul, maybe just a greeting, or a smile. Let’s listen to the sound of happiness in purity and at ease.